A Modern Twist
on a Classic Ritual
The Stōry

In 2020 the creators of AirVape, one of the top vaporizer brands in the world that are known for their bold design, leveraged their experience of a decade in sophisticated heating technology to create the ultimate hookah-sharing experience, one that will bring people together.

Designed meticulously, and with attention to detail

Enso is not just an innovative way to rethink the Shisha experience but also a design piece for the modern home that complements a sleek minimalist style.

No coal, no fire:

Enjoy pure, flavorful vapors without the risks. Enso's fully electric design eliminates toxic carbon monoxide and harmful chemicals associated with burning coal.

Cordless Convenience

Enjoy the best shisha moments with friends anywhere. The Enso features a swap-out battery for easy, on-the-go use.

Tobacco Tuning

Not all shisha tobaccos are created equal. The Enso offers adjustable heat settings to suit a a diverse range of tobacco products.

Discover the Enso

Unique front lighting and a sturdy gray metallic frame. An elegant glass water tank and the fine leather strap make it a statement of style and utility.

Enso Gold Edition

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From Idea to Reality : The ENSO timeline


Concept Phase and Blueprint


Seven prototypes were developed to achieve the optimal design.

2023. Dec

Molding started for the final product

2024. Jan

Molding finished

2024. Feb

The first units shipped to industry professionals and beta testers

2024. March

Mass production

2024. Apr.16-28

Shisha Messe 2024. Framkfurt

2024. July

Enso's are in the warehouse and being shipped to customers.